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Welcome to the Jaguar Ecological Reserve!

Welcome to the Jaguar Ecological Reserve! We are proud to offer guests from around the world an unmatched wildlife experience in the heart of the Pantanal. For over a decade our guests have enjoyed the comforts of a family-run lodge, the expertise of local guides, and a spectacular setting accessible by car or truck. Our guests enjoy some of Brazil’s most beautiful scenery and wildlife, while supporting a community-based ecotourism project.

The Jaguar Ecological Reserve offers a unique glimpse into the local Pantaneiro culture. We are proud to employ only local Pantaneiros, whose knowledge of the region will enhance your visit. By visiting the Reserve you will directly contribute to a community-based conservation project aimed at protecting the biodiversity and culture of one of the largest wetlands in the world. We hope you will visit us!

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Eduardo Falcão de Arruda and Juscineide C. Macedo Arruda

The Jaguar Ecological Reserve and Eduardo Falcão were featured in the article " Spot Luck: Great wildlife encounters in Brazil," By Mike Unwin in The Independent, February 20, 2010.

"Our guide, Eduardo Falcao, is from local ranching stock himself and at each overnight stop friends or relatives emerge to greet him. These fazendas combine the charms of a traditional ranch with the tourist comforts of swimming pool and breakfast buffet. What's more, their grounds teem with wildlife, from the capybaras that wander the terrace to the hyacinth macaws – the world's biggest, and surely noisiest, parrot – cackling across the front lawns. Look away and you lose your breakfast to a cardinal, a cowbird or a kiskadee."
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