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Other Activities

At the Jaguar Ecological Reserve, we will do everything necessary to make your stay as fulfilling as possible. If you have any special interests or needs, just let us know and we can design a perfect itinerary. For example, depending on the season, we can arrange extended fishing trips or camping. We can take you to neighboring ranches should you wish to learn more about the local culture. We regularly host professional photographers and film crews for extended periods.
Our guides can also accompany you to other destinations in the Pantanal or beyond. Should you wish to spend time at another lodge, we can make arrangements for you. A popular destination outside the Pantanal is Chapada dos Guimarães – a spectacular area of red cliffs, waterfalls, and arid cerrado landscapes located approximately 55 kilometers from Cuiabá. Our guides regularly lead trips to Chapada and will be happy to accompany your group. Spending a day or two in Chapada allows visitors a glimpse at a completely different ecosystem than the Pantanal. Birders will delight in the many endemic species present in Chapada.

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